Show Notes

If you really want to be kind, you need to be grounded in action and rooted in justice. ~ Kaitlin Johnstone, Founder of Kind Cotton

How often have you heard the word “kindness” lately? There’s no doubt that encouraging kindness makes for a gentler, more humane world. But as this week’s guest reminds us, without action and a sense of justice, kindness can devolve into mere pleasantries–when it can be so much more.

As a kindergarten teacher, Kaitlin Johnstone realized that many of her students had only the books in her classroom to expose them to the wonders of reading and literacy. She was determined to do something to get books into the hands of kids, promoting kindness along the way. Joining forces with her husband, Kevin, who has a background in apparel, the couple created Kind Cotton, selling clothing with positive messaging and using profits to purchase books for kids and classrooms, culminating in over 40,000 books delivered to date.

And while literacy is the goal, promoting kindness through justice for all and action is equally important. Kaitlin shares her Brilliance through her commitment to improving the world, building a business grounded in action to improve lives. 

If you aren’t sure how to share your Brilliance, find a way to be of service. When we lead with our hearts, the best of us follows and we can create wondrous things–just like Kind Cotton. Tune into this episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast to hear more about Kaitlin’s journey of literacy and kindness with Kind Cotton!