Show Notes

Everything is situational. We constantly have values competing, all of the time. That’s where you make the hardest decisions. What is at your core?

~ Ken Meeker

Decisions, decisions. Wouldn’t it be great if they were all easy? Many are. For example, what would you choose, a paid vacation, or an extra 40 hours at work with no compensation? (Choose the vacation!)

But what about those decisions that have you considering the “on the other hand” option over and over and over again? 

Ken Meeker knows that it’s essential to make decisions based on our values. But sometimes, our values compete with each other, depending on the situation. What if the scenario above offered you a vacation or a month’s salary for a week’s work? Hmmmm…not quite as easy a decision.

That’s why it’s so important to know your core values–what are your non-negotiables? If your non-negotiables are met, it’s easier to make a decision based on what you want in any situation. As Ken rightly points out, values are not intrinsically good or bad; it’s where each has its place on our personal values scale.

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